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TS6 MEN Refresh Shower Gel – Body & Intimate 330g

TS6 MEN Refresh Shower Gel – Body & Intimate 330g


TS6 MEN Refresh Shower Gel – Body & Intimate 330g

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‧Unique design for men's private skin cleansing, deep cleansing without tightness.

‧Beneficial bacteria extract MH-3L essence gives the skin rejuvenating energy.

‧Multiple plant extracts, astringent, oil control, and metabolism can be completed in one go.

‧Unique deodorant factor with extremely pure musk scent, exudes personal masculine charm.

‧Probiotic extract MH-3L essence gives skin revitalizing energy.

■Main ingredients:

MH-3L beneficial bacteria extract, spiraea extract, persimmon fermentation extract, kiwi fruit extract, glycosyl trehalose.

■Usage: Squeeze a proper amount of shower gel, add water to rub and foam, clean the body or private skin, and then rinse with water.

■Preservation method: Store in a cool place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.

■Retention period: 3 years

■Precautions: For external use only, if allergic symptoms occur, please consult a doctor. This product contains fermented or extracted ingredients, and the color may change slightly over time. This is normal, so please use it with peace of mind.

■Production place: Taiwan

Tags: Skincare


Thanks the sprayer, I gifted to my girlfriend as her birthday gift, she is very happy and her skin improve a lot. Thanks my colleague Shin's recommended.


It is a good product, highly recommended. Can firm up my face while moisture. If this product come with a facial mask then perfect.


I have purchased Huenass from this website and used it for a couple of months. My skin quality has improved a lot. It is not so dry as before. I don't have the pimples that happened before.

Lai Meng Li

A friend introduces the Huenass you sell, bought it one month ago, after using Huenass my dry forehead, neck, and hand so much improve, I'll continue to buy and use them, Thank you for the great product!

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