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D'Beau Fullerene Peptide Anti-Aging Whitening Plant Essence Facial Spray

D'Beau Fullerene Peptide Anti-Aging Whitening Plant Essence Facial Spray


D'Beau Fullerene Peptide Anti-Aging Whitening Plant Essence Facial Spray

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[Buy 1 Free 1] D'Beau Fullerene Peptide Anti-Aging Whitening Plant Essence Facial Spray (Made in Singapore) + Free 1 D’Beau Feminine Intimate Herbal Wash

Fullerene is currently the top BOSS among Anti-Aging ingredients. More than 4000 scientific experiment reports have shown that TA's antioxidant power is 172 times that of Vitamin C. It is called "free radical killer" by the industry, and it is like a skin preservation agent! Since 21st century, it has become a highly regarded cutting-edge beauty ingredient, known as the "king of diamond-level anti-aging", so far it has only been used in high-end brands, and it is a veritable palace-level anti-aging factor!

4 Core High-tech Ingredients

  1. Fullerene is awarded Nobel Prize in Chemistry, Honor Ingredient, Diamond Grade Skincare
  • Super anti-free radicals, king of nano, super antioxidant, nano-level molecule
  • Whiten, anti-aging skincare
  • 3 minutes improve firmness quickly, 7 days fully effective, and continue to be effective for 15 days even after stop using the product.
  • Patented ingredient
  1. Vitality Repair Peptide/Lysine/Arginine, King of Repair, High Efficient Penetration
    • 1-5 minutes to penetrate into cells quickly, stimulate vitality, and produce cell energy
    • Repair skin, suitable for sensitive skin, damaged skin, acne skin and relax aging skin.
    • Patented ingredient
  2. Bosein is an anti-aging agent, super firm and anti-aging
    • Stimulate the production of glycosaminoglycans (GAG) and prevent the loss of moisture in the skin.
    • Promote the synthesis of collagen.
    • Promote the regeneration of damaged tissues, enhance the firmness of cells and skin.
  3. Nicotinamide
    • Niacinamide has a variety of functions, and is often used for whitening, anti-wrinkle, and moisturizing in cosmetics, but also in the treatment of skin diseases such as atopic dermatitis and acne.
    • Niacinamide can reduce skin pigmentation and precipitate in melanin in the cell. Studies have shown that nicotinamide can effectively reduce the precipitation of melanin and promote the lightening of spots, improve skin condition.


10 Plants Essence

  1. Peach Gum Extract
  2. Jasmine Hydrosol Extract
  3. Barley extract
  4. Poria Sclerotia Extract
  5. Spicy Mint Leaf Extract
  6. Yeast extract
  7. Andrographis extract
  8. Centella asiatica extract
  9. Propolis extract
  10. North American Witch Hazel Extract



  • 3 seconds transdermal absorption
  • 1 minute improve skin firmness
  • 28 days cell remodeling
  • 3 months reverse growth 5 - 10 years old
  • 24 hours continuous absorption


  • Relieve anti-inflammatory
  • Improve stretch marks
  • Repair acne marks
  • Whitening and remove spots
  • Tighten pores
  • Anti-Aging
  • UV protection
  • Smoothes fine lines


Efficacy of Fullerene Anti-Aging Whitening Plant Essence Spray:

1) Antioxidant, brighten yellowish skin

2) Promote skin metabolism and open up skin absorption channels

3) Tighten the skin, remove free radicals

4) Super firming and anti-aging, enhance contour

5) Restore skin elasticity and diminish fine lines

6) Repair skin cells, remove redness and desensitization

7) Prevent photoaging and resist radiation

8) Enhance skin immunity, strengthen skin


Intimate Herbal Wash

 The development of this product was formulated by the founder of Health 101, Dr June using traditional herbs and wisdom handed down through generations.

The natural ingredients of this product go through stringent quality control and are taken from the highest quality of herbal plants needed for women to remove impurities.

The product penetrates deep into the skin ensuring impurities are removed at a molecular level, maintaining feminine hygiene and improving vaginal health.


✔ Natural plants do not cause irritation

✔ Free of fragrance and preservatives

✔ Gentle to the intimate area

✔ Reduces Fishy Odour

✔ Maintains the natural microflora of the vagina

✔ Maintains the pH of the intimate area

✔ Moisturizing to prevent dryness and irritation

✔ Strengthens the walls of the uterus

✔ Tightens the vaginal muscles


Thanks the sprayer, I gifted to my girlfriend as her birthday gift, she is very happy and her skin improve a lot. Thanks my colleague Shin's recommended.


It is a good product, highly recommended. Can firm up my face while moisture. If this product come with a facial mask then perfect.


I have purchased Huenass from this website and used it for a couple of months. My skin quality has improved a lot. It is not so dry as before. I don't have the pimples that happened before.

Lai Meng Li

A friend introduces the Huenass you sell, bought it one month ago, after using Huenass my dry forehead, neck, and hand so much improve, I'll continue to buy and use them, Thank you for the great product!

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