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HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask

HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask


HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask

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HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask︱HENASHI (HUENASS) Official Site︱Original HENASHI (HUENASS) Product 

Henashi is the official site for Original HENASHI (HUENASS) Products in Singapore!
  • HUENASS has been rebranded to Henashi in 2021 but is still the same product that we know and love!
  • HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask is a medical mask that helps to repair and rejuvenate your skin. It contains plant extracts that help to increase hydration absorption of your skin cells up to 460 times. 
  • Safe to use for all skin types. Helps boost hydration and renewal of skin cells via the cold compress face mask. 
  • 1 pack comes with 5 face masks. 



What benefits does HENASHI (HUENASS) Cold Compress Face Mask have? 

  1. Repairing the skin from damage to free radicals
  2. Reducing black spots
  3. Brightening dull skin
  4. Soft exfoliating of dead skin
  5. Nourishing skin
  6. Shrinking pores
  7. Reducing hyperpigmentation
  8. Increasing collagen to make the skin smooth
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Thanks the sprayer, I gifted to my girlfriend as her birthday gift, she is very happy and her skin improve a lot. Thanks my colleague Shin's recommended.


It is a good product, highly recommended. Can firm up my face while moisture. If this product come with a facial mask then perfect.


I have purchased Huenass from this website and used it for a couple of months. My skin quality has improved a lot. It is not so dry as before. I don't have the pimples that happened before.

Lai Meng Li

A friend introduces the Huenass you sell, bought it one month ago, after using Huenass my dry forehead, neck, and hand so much improve, I'll continue to buy and use them, Thank you for the great product!

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