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KEEP by Helios Korea Nine Berries and Herb Facial Foam 150ml

KEEP by Helios Korea Nine Berries and Herb Facial Foam 150ml


KEEP by Helios Korea Nine Berries and Herb Facial Foam 150ml

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100% Authentic from South Korea

Brand: KEEP by Helios (Premium Korean Brand)


Company information:

Helios Co., Ltd. is an independent company reborn in 2013, with its mother company Professional Spa & Therapy Center established in 2004. Located in Jeju-do, it provides a one-stop service system by developing, selling, and exporting spa & cosmeceuticals and skin & body care products widely used in wellness businesses. 

Currently, launched products are developed based on the vision of pure and natural cosmetics, unlike many other widely-used cosmetic products based on chemicals, and we have differentiated our products by drastically eliminating harmful content. 

The precious ingredients in our products are obtained from the nature of UNESCO-designated pure Jeju such as mountains, fields, and the ocean, for people all over the globe can sense the honest effects and efficacy of the natural ingredients for beautiful skin. We ceaselessly challenge ourselves to develop products for long-lasting beauty.

Key points

• Effect of antioxidant and moisture: Blueberry, Blackberry, Acai berry, Raspberry, Strawberry, Billberry, Cheeseberry, Lingonberry, Cranberry

• To be more healthy skin with Jeju Herb: Rosemary, Camomile, Lavender, Sage

• Skin suppression & moisturizing effect: Maintenance of skin balance

• Hypoallergenic deep cleansing: Effect of removal of sebum

• Mild bubble: Soft cleansing with minute bubble

Main ingredients: Niacinamide, Hyaluronic acid, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Water, Jade extract

Tags: Skincare


Thanks the sprayer, I gifted to my girlfriend as her birthday gift, she is very happy and her skin improve a lot. Thanks my colleague Shin's recommended.


It is a good product, highly recommended. Can firm up my face while moisture. If this product come with a facial mask then perfect.


I have purchased Huenass from this website and used it for a couple of months. My skin quality has improved a lot. It is not so dry as before. I don't have the pimples that happened before.

Lai Meng Li

A friend introduces the Huenass you sell, bought it one month ago, after using Huenass my dry forehead, neck, and hand so much improve, I'll continue to buy and use them, Thank you for the great product!

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